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Ceduna Roads

Ceduna, South Australia

Birubi are completing a project for the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (Office of Local Government) that involves the repairs and upgrades to unsealed roads across ten Aboriginal homelands located in South Australia’s far west, generally scattered around the Ceduna area. These communities include:

  • Betts Corner

  • Yarilena

  • Dinhaline

  • Warevilla

  • Munda Munda Watutjina

  • Koongawa Dundey

  • Bullinda

  • Tia Tuckia

  • Munda Wanna Mar

  • Scotdesco


The repairs and upgrades will include the grading of the existing road to re-shape it and improve the drainage in the area. From here new material will be imported to resheet the road with a new unsealed road surface and then depending on budget constraints certain areas will have a 2-coat bitumen spray seal applied to assist with dust control around the residences.


Birubi have worked closely with the Ceduna Aboriginal Corporation (CAC) and Eyre Plus to engage with the communities and has enabled us to provide opportunities for CAC as well as employment and training opportunities for local Aboriginal people from these communities.

Maritime Meseum 'B' Block Demolition
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