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Classification Firing Range

Department of Defence

Cultana, South Australia

Birubi was contract by Augility on behalf of the Department of Defence to complete the civil works on the Cultana Firing Range. This involved the bulk earthworks, drainage installation and signage and flagpole installation across a  20,000m2 area where parts were filled up to 3m to allow for soldiers to travel across a level and safe area when using this range for training purposes.


This project also included works at an Assault Grenade range where 5 targets were removed and replaced with new steel targets and electrical works on the control tower for the installation of a solar panel and microphone were completed along with the installation of a new staircase to meet current safety standards.


From here Birubi also complete the rehabilitation of an old quartz mine in the Cultana Expansion Area that saw almost 1200m3 of sand imported from an onsite quarry to fill the mine and remediate the area, making it safe for soldiers traversing in this area.

Classification Firing Range
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