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Wallack Terrace Stormwater Works

City of Whyalla Council

Whyalla, South Australia

Birubi Australia have been engaged by the City of Whyalla to install a Stormwater system along Wallack Terrace in Whyalla. This stormwater system consists of approximately 120m of culverts including the installation of 3 side entry pits and 2 junction boxes. This work will tie into the road reconstruction of Walls Street and Wallack Terrace being completed by the City of Whyalla. The installation of this stormwater system will reduce the overland stormwater flow along Wallack Terrace and thus improve the flooding issues experienced by residents on this street.

Birubi are excited to tackle this important project for the City of Whyalla with various complexities and show our skills in completing a highly technical construction.

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